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Take Action

Each action step is easy and only takes a few minutes.

We can do this for our Freedom and the people of Lahaina!

Action #1: Send A FOIA Request To Hawaii Gov! 

Action #1: Print this FOIA and sign in blue ink with your last name first. Click here


Action #2:  Email it to the the following: 

Emails: , , , ,

[NOTE: Another video will be recorded after we have the information from the FOIA request.] 

Action #2:
Lahaina Victim File Claim Against Maui County
AND Get your Mortgage Discharged for FREE

Step #1: This is were those on Maui would go to file claims against those who did harm to them. 

Step #2:  Lahaina terrorist attack victims get your house mortgage discharged for FREE! Email:

Review these two docs to understand more:

  1. Rates to get mortgage discharged click here

  2. Money magic click here

Action #3: Hold Hawaii Government Accountable! 

Action #1: Anyone can file a complaint about the governor with Hawaii State Ethics Commission


Action #2: State House of Representatives are the checks and balances for the executive branch while the judicial interprets the laws. 

There is a special committee that has been formed under of House of Representatives regarding the fire and the names of the Reps are listed, each one could be contacted. Tell them that MANY fire experts are sharing that the Maui Fires was normal. It MUST be investigated! Contact them here:

Action 4: 
Contact Your City Council & Legislators and
Tell Them DO NOT Vote Through
Sustainable Planning & Development!  

Contact BOTH your legislator and City Council members: 

Find YOUR legislator click here 

Find your City Council members: ​

  • Put "find my city council member" in a url

  • You can also put in your town/city and State

Things you can say...

Sustainable planning and development does the following: 

  • Violates our freedoms and the protection of them under the Constitution!

  • It is a transition from representative government to UNELECTED boards & commissions

  • It is an erasure of jurisdictional boundaries

  • It is a loss of private property rights

  • It is a loss of personal, physical and national sovereignty 

  • Rosa Koire, 30yr California dept. of transportation district branch chief. She was a litigation support & witness in land use & property valuation. She's traveled the Country warning City Council members that Sustainable planning & development will destroy our country! Video Click Here


Tell them you want them to stand-up against Sustainable Planning & Development policies and honor their oath of office to defend and support the Constitution! Sustainable planning and development will destroy our freedom and everything millions fought and died for! 

Source: Rosa Koire, Behind The Green Mask, UN Agenda 21, 6:25:12 part 1 of 4

We CAN Do This For Our Country 
& People Who Value FREEDOM!
(Mahalo so much.)
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