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Support Maui!

[NOTE: It is NOT recommended that you give to the Red Cross or Fema.

Please donate to local organizations.]


Help Locals Directly! 

Maui Food Bank

Hunger Heroes Hawaii

Direct Aid To Locals


Suspicious Actions
Mayor Bissen Increases Maui's Emergency Fund From 3-million to 40-million in April 2023! 
Need More Suspicious Actions?
Hawaii Government Officials Contradict Lahaina Citizens
Cost of Dust Screen To Block Out Lahaina
Governor Green Suspended 7 Laws Relating to Land, public testimony and MORE on July 18th 2023!
Suspicious Actions Regarding New Police Chief!
New Lawsuits Attack Hawaii Governor’s Emergency Proclamation 
Log of personnel at Maui EOC on day Lahaina burned raises ?.

Historic Lahaina Couldn't Be Change...
It Can NOW! 

Maui Set To Be The First Smart City!
Sustainable Planning/Development

Rosa Koire-30yr California Chief Transportation Officer & Commercial Emanate Domain Evaluator Spoke To City Councils Across the Nation WARNING of the

Dangers Of S.M.A.R.T Cities!

West Maui TOD Corridor Plan 
Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 2.20.09 PM.png

Red is the Uban Center Corridor

going right through Lahaina!

Hawaii Governor Lies To The World!
Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 8.37.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2023-09-24 at 8.39.46 PM.png

Images of burned area show trees nearly fully in-tacked and dry leaves still on trees are not burned.  Palm fonds also not burned off. This was NOT a normal fire!


Maui Testimony To City Council

Screen Shot 2023-09-25 at 9.26.03 AM.png
Police Blocked Exit!
You MUST Do An Investigation!
Breaking Point: Maui Resident Demands Accountability in Emotional Testimony
Screen Shot 2023-10-03 at 10.09.31 AM.png
Police Block Exits!


How Do Humans & Animals
NOT Burn In A Fire?

She claims God left him recognizable so she could see him like that! Human remains are NOT left recognizable in a fire! 

See charred dog at 2:08!

Animals DO NOT die this way in a fire! 

Graphic Video Allegedly From Maui (Shows FULL head of hair on burned fire victim.)
Please Help Hawaii And Take Action!
Maui Locals Speak Out!
Maui Fire Videos


Geologists, Meterologists & Climatologists Say
There Is NO Climate Emergency!

National Library of Medicine paper shows world is cooling (Published online 2020 Aug 4) click here


Geologist Gregg Braden & John L Peterson

MIT Scientist and Engineer 

50 Years as Meteorologist and Climatologist Professor David Dilley 

(US Airforce)

Founder of the Weather Chanel, John Coleman, "There is NO Global Warming!"

Screen Shot 2024-04-04 at 2.20.46 PM.png
Are Directed Energy Weapons REAL?
Can The Military Use Forest Fires as a Weapon?

Directed Energy Weapon Systems Acquisition
Act of 2016
Directed Energy Weapon Systems Employee Breaks Silence
 Directed Energy Weapons In Maui & Who Benefits?
Deputy Director to the Joint Directed Energy Transition Office
Tesla Invented Death Beam
In 1934
Levana Loma, of For Our Rights, Shares Insights On
D.E.W & More!
Why Doesn't
Blue Burn?
Screen Shot 2023-10-07 at 11.42.05 AM.png
Microwave transmission using a laser-generated plasma beam waveguide   
US Patent# 637743
What Is Weather Modification?
Weather Modification
Act of 1976
Weather Modification Company
Screen Shot 2024-01-25 at 7.58.45 AM.png
Weather modification method for producing rain or snow from natural atmospheric clouds 
US Patent# 3613992A
Weather Modification Projects
Screen Shot 2023-10-07 at 11.44.30 AM.png
Apparatus That Alters The
Earth's Atmosphere!

US Patent #: 4,686,605
Natural vs. Adv. Tech
Take Action!
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